Bees vs. Ants HD 1.31 released

. We fixed the bug that level 3 can not be played.

5 Responses to “Bees vs. Ants HD 1.31 released”

  1. Ultima Grant Says:

    How about fixing how some levels just aren’t passable. Or at least shedding some light as to how to start them off. 4-6 is rediculous

  2. yaniv Says:

    I’m Yaniv, Co-founder & CEO at PlayerDuel.

    We launched our first version at TNW2012, you can see a video of the presentation –

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    The new version will give you the ability to design the pages so it will look like a part of your games.

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    Yaniv Presler
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  3. Laura Says:

    World/levels VI still won’t open!!!
    Finished level V then game just crashes!!!
    Please help

  4. William Paul Cruz Says:

    I have purchased bees vs ants version 1. How can i have a newer update? Pls reply. The level 6 in v1 does not load.

  5. David Says:

    Dear racoon game studios,
    I am one of many admirers of your games for IOS devices. However I do have one comment about some of them, they do not seem to be optimized for the newer 4″ model devices. In particular; your game “bees vs ants” (which is my personal favorite). I on behalf of many fans for your work, we would like to see these updates.


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