New update for Bees vs. Ants is coming

  1. Fixed a bug that could lead to crash
  2. The ipad version support The New Ipad’s retina display now.
  3. Some performance optimization

18 Responses to “New update for Bees vs. Ants is coming”

  1. Josh Says:

    I have an iPad 3 and the app crashes whenever I try to play level 3.

    • Jake Says:

      I FIXED it! It was always crashing when I had the iPad on mute… I accidentally turned up the volume for something else I was doing, then tried the game again, and it worked! 🙂 Not sure if it will work for everyone… maybe try muting it if you had sound on?

  2. Gert Says:

    Level 3 wont start. Throughs you out of the game
    Can this error be fixed ?

  3. Juanjo Says:

    Before asking for rating the app, when entering in a level, it crashes. After the dialog of rating, it goes on.

  4. Kaiser Says:

    Hi, there’s a bug for the new retina iPad. I,ve started from the scratch the game and I’m unable to access the world #3. The game crashes each time I try to enter in the menu. Txs for fixing the issue!

  5. Topher Says:

    The app keeps crashing when opening the “III” area. Help!!

  6. Jake Says:

    Crashes trying to play 3-1. Can’t play anymore 😦

  7. Jaydin Says:


    Your system of allowing me give a message of a problem on your game bethetic! On the 3third level the game keeps crashing!! Please correct this problem and allow clients like us to report problems easier!!!

  8. Titian Tan Says:

    Help…… The app always crash when i finished 2-10 going to next level.

  9. Mk Says:

    Hi, this game is super, but game crash after 2 episode (ipad3 bees vs ants hd 1.3)

  10. Shan Says:

    We all love this game. But it has a bug. It jumped out when I passed II group. It shows part three has been unblocked but when I click, the game shut down. How can I fix it? Thx

  11. Anderson Says:

    ok… im on level 4 now, and level 4-2 is seem imposible to solve.
    Anyone with tips or tricks ?

  12. Miles Says:

    I tried the mute solution, but it didn’t work me. iPad 2 latest iOS.

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