Bees vs. Ants 1.3 released

Hi, I am happy to announce that Bees vs. Ants 1.3 is available for update.  


What’s New in this Version:

  1. We add 20 new challenging levels, now we have 50 levels!
  2. Retina support!
  3. 2 new battle fields!

20 Responses to “Bees vs. Ants 1.3 released”

  1. marxixing Says:



  2. Laura Says:

    I have a problem with the new update, it will
    Only let me start playing the new levels by
    Replaying the last of the old level first, then continuing on from there, otherwise they are locked! And it doesn’t save my progress, very frustrating. Please help.

  3. TMP Says:

    Great update! Level 4-6 really has me stumped. If anyone has gotten it, please share a hint!

    • Bruce Says:

      me too

      • TMP Says:

        4-6 was though but it really seems to boil down to timing and luck. If you take the spawn tower next door then are able to lay low while the others fight it out usually an opportunity will open up to proceed counter clockwise.

  4. Glenne Says:

    Hi, love this game and have “worked” my way through it. However I have been playing level 4.2 for days and just can’t last longer than a minute or 2 before I am completely overun. There must be a knack or trick that I’m missing here because it just seems impossible to me- tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Glenne 🙂

  5. Bruce Says:

    Level 4-2 Started relocating all bees to lower left tower and advance them to overtake the left ant tower. once successful, i took over the left spawn (that’s gray). from there i balanced out my access point to begin taking over the far right ant spawn. i took it over but as soon as you fall behind in filling the towers, the ants will take over.

  6. tong Says:

    I really love this game and I play it often in my brother’s ios device. However, I want it to be in my Android tablet, so that I can enjoy it freely.

  7. Aman Says:

    World VI crashes the game as soon as you select the world and before you see the levels. Ipad and latest iOS.

    Cannot play those levels at all 😦

  8. Matt Says:

    I love the game but there are several bugs that I’ve reported and haven’t been fixed for months…
    Since the last update all of the main screens of the levels have turned to black
    On Level 2-4 if I get 3 stars, the device never saves it. I can only have 1
    Couldn’t access Level 6 although I finished Level 5. The app crashes and I can’t play. Really frustrating…

  9. Ricardo Says:

    any help in level 4-9 please

  10. Thomas Says:

    I love this game, playing several hour in my iPhone but I can’t play the third level in iPad. The app crash down. I’m not the only one, there is several comments in the french Apple store.

  11. cuprin Says:

    Please 4-5?

  12. Hf Says:

    Please any hint or strategy for 4-6

  13. Hf Says:

    4-6 impossible mission

  14. Muh Says:

    I need It on my Android, could i find it ?

  15. Muh Says:

    Please Android version for the GAME

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