IPhone Game: Bees vs. Ants

The bees’ territory was invaded by the ants. On this vital moment, the bees took up arms bravely to teach the shameless invadors.
Dear Commander, please lead the brave bees to expel the abhorrent ants!

Bees vs. An

ts has 30 challenging levels,and features hours of game play.


53 Responses to “IPhone Game: Bees vs. Ants”

  1. Jen Loveridge Says:


    We would like to add bees vs ants and bees vs ants HD to our calendar as a Daily Double Dual Promotion. Also we reached the Million download mark last week, 1M iPhone OS owners via push notification! Here is our most recent press releases:
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    Daily Double/iPad dual campaign:

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    Please let me know if you would like to proceed and we can lock a date!



  2. Sam Says:

    The last 2 stages is so hard to beat. How can you expect us to beat the CPU with less spawns?

    • running727 Says:

      You should take over more spawns as soon as possible in the early phase. The last level,you need beat the weakest enemy as soon as possible.

  3. David Says:

    I have been trying to beat level 3 board 8 for over a week now. I do see how I can win when the Blue starts out with 6 castles and eventually gets 8 castles so quick we do not have a chance with our small 2 castles. I have tried everything even attacking a 3rd castle right from the start but within minutes I am over ran….please any help I would love it….

    • David Says:

      I would also love to see the last 2 boards since I will never beat 8 but there are locked. Is there or will there be a way to unlock them without beating the previous board?

      • David Says:

        Ok so I did get past 28, however board 30 is impossible….you are getting attacked from 3 different enemies at the same time. help

    • Aj Says:

      Hi David, how did you beat level 3 board 8. its fricken hectic. there must be a special way to do it, coz im having the same troubles as you did originally. especially when even red gets started with more castles than us, yet still is unwilling to do anything against blue….

  4. David Says:

    Please more levels than 30!

  5. cpt_obvious Says:

    Can’t get past level 3/7, no matter what I do it’s a stalemate until I just give up, go on the attack and get overrun! Good game though :0)

  6. Rob Says:

    Hey this game is awesome!! It is by far the coolest game I have played on the ipad so far.. definitely worth the money.. I have to be honest that my fingers are sore.. I had to switch off my swiping finger because I started loosing my fingerprints HAHA!! maybe an option to click once on a source tower and click again on the tower to attack(instead of dragging).. also it would be cool to stop the flow at some times maybe double click the tower to stop the guys from coming out.. btw I left you 5 stars on itunes also if your bored check out my game http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/block-blaster/id348138033?mt=8
    Its not as fun as yours though 😉

  7. cpt_obvious Says:

    Wow, finished the iPad version! Great game but I have no idea how the star system works, can’t see the logic.

  8. Darren Says:

    Ah… been spending days to beat L2-6, some guide please..?

  9. Steve Says:

    I really enjoy the game. I must not get it though because I can’t get past level 1-10. I wish there was a tutorial or a way to skip a level. I sail past the first 9 stages but not being able to pass 10 is taking all the fun out of it. What’s the trick? Please help, I’d like to move on. I’m starting to lose interest when stuck in a stalemate.

  10. Oxygo Says:


    About L2-6 : it’s very difficult… i try to ‘running727 Says:
    October 12, 2010 at 12:26 pm | Reply
    Take over spawns on the left side as soon as possible, and then take over more towers than ‘ but I lose …

    Help me

  11. Christina Says:

    seriously level 1-10 is so hard! its been days! What is the trick?

  12. Brandon Says:

    I seem destined to be stuck at level 3, board 8.

    Any hints on how to overcome the seemingly impossible?

  13. Richard Says:

    As per other posters, level 10 seems to be an inevitable stalemate. It would be great to be able to see hints or Skopje a level

  14. Richard Says:

    For Skopje read skip!!

  15. Josie Says:

    I’m stuck on level 10! There’s no way to get past it! Can someone please help me?!

  16. Prego Says:

    would you believe me if I tell you that I won 3-10 on my 2nd try?

  17. Secret Says:

    Seriously, level ten in stage 1 is IMPOSSIBLE. and i can’t get passed it. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!! its been days and i still cant get passed it. HELP!

  18. Lo Says:

    Any help with level 4-2? Im thinking its impossible…

    • Kreigoon Says:

      I’m stuck at the same lvl, no matter what you do, they just reproduce too fast to even keep a corner safe. I’d love to see a walkthrought for this lvl
      Agree, it looks impossible

  19. Krautty Says:

    Any clues for 3-10 for HD iPad version?

    No matter how fast I try to take the blue colony at the bottom, I get overrun very quickly by the ones from the top and right. Aargh!!

    • Kreigoon Says:

      My english is not the best but i will try to explain.

      1- protect your territory, mass all your bees in your entry town.
      2-don t try to capture the center tower, let your ennemies kill each other to get it.
      While they are doing so, mass a great amount of bees in a tower near an enemy entry.

      3-at some point they should have wasted some force to fight each other, so start to attack the entry town. The goal is not to capture it but access to the back end town. Keep the bees coming from your town to the tower and to the ennemy entry town, from there keep attacking one of the back end town. At some point you ll be able to bring some bees from your own town and from the new captured one. This should help to capture then remaining towns.

      Once your first ennemy is destroyed,you havr twice the capacity of the last one so should be a walk in the park.

    • Kreigoon Says:

      Easier : Made a video.

      Now if you make it on 4-2, enlight me 🙂

  20. Bruce Says:

    level 4-2…anyone…great fame

    • Bruce Says:

      Started relocating all bees to lower left tower and advance them to overtake the left ant tower. once successful, i took over the left spawn (that’s gray). from there i balanced out my access point to begin taking over the far right ant spawn. Don’t fall behind in filling the towers

      • Kreigoon Says:

        Thanks for the advice, but there is nothing i can do to capture anything. As soon i attack a tower or a town, the ants bring a non stop incoming from the 3 towns they get at the begining and i just die without capturing anything.

        Made it a few time caputing the grey town, or even capturing their tower, but at this point, i just don t have enough bees to keep anything, not even talking about trying to advance.

        Whatever i m trying, at some point they have 4 town and i have 2. Smple math makes me say it s impossible to keep the incoming to get em back.

        Just out of curiosity, are you playing on iphone or ipad ? Maybe there is a difference between the 2 versions ? (ipad 2 here)

  21. Gveazey Says:

    Newest update does not work! I choose world or level VI and the game crashes.

  22. Gveazey Says:

    4-2 is tricky but not impossible. I got 3 stars on this strategy but I had to restart a few times to get the timing.

    Send left tower and base to reinforce the left tower. Before the base sends the last troop, the enemy has attacked neutral base on the left side of pyramid. Attempt to “steal” this from under the enemy. Try to time your attack as close as you can to swoop in befor the final defender falls and claim it with superior numbers. Simultaneously send everything you have down the interior left side of the pyramid while sending newly claimed base troops to the left corner pocket. It helps it enemy is trying to take the remaining neutral base you can attempt a steal on that one two. It takes every last bee to make this work and sometimes the timing isn’t right and you have to start again, but once you have the upper bases I rarely have to re-supply my towers as the ants are too busy trying to reinforce before they fall!

    • Lo Says:

      Yes thank you Gveazey! I used your strategy and finally got it to work!

    • Theking Says:

      Could u please lighten me up on the first sentence? (“Send left tower and base to reinforce the left tower”.) i dont quite get it. 4-2 is a frustrating level. Thanks for the help.

  23. Theking Says:

    Could u please lighten me up on the first sentence? (“Send left tower and base to reinforce the left tower”.) i dont quite get it. 4-2 is a frustrating level. Thanks for the help.

  24. Andy Says:


  25. Gveazey Says:

    World VI still crashes when I try to continue or play. Any techs, or designers reading these!

    • Lo Says:

      Same here, did you get yours to work?

      • Kreigoon Says:

        Start focusing on the bottom towns then make your way up to the top left.

        Made a video, easier than explaining :

      • Lo Says:

        I meant did you get the additional level to work for you or does it still crash?

      • Kreigoon Says:

        Sorry, i posted the video inside the wrong thread.
        World Vi is ok for me. I have been able to finish the game

      • chrismindless Says:

        I’m also stuck on 5-10. I tried the video over and over. Maybe 30 tries. That never happens on the iPhone. Not once. I did take the lower group maybe twice, but then the blue takes over red and its all impossible. I cannot keep the north mine or the only tower, those fall to the blue and red respectively instantly. ALso, the southern mine is instantly attacked, too. I got the game last week. Maybe there was an update or patch that just made it impossible?

  26. Lo Says:

    How about 4-6??

  27. Jasman Says:

    I’m completely stuck on 3-4… Any thoughts?

  28. Level 4-2 MUST DIE !! Says:

    Level 4-2 stars annoying me. I love the game, it’s fun and require a lot of thinking and patient. but this level is sucks, no matter what I did in past two weeks for now.

    would you guy update the game and remove this entire level 😀 ?! ..

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